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LoginWindow Class Reference

#include <loginwindow.h>

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Detailed Description

A Login Window.

This class is for asking login and password. Derived from QDialog, but to use full screen and no borders. Also to have an image in the background.

Miguel Chavez Gamboa miguel.chavez.gamboa@gmail.com

Definition at line 47 of file loginwindow.h.

Public Types

enum  Mode { FullScreen = 0, PasswordOnly = 1 }

Public Member Functions

bool checkPassword ()
void clearLines ()
 LoginWindow (QWidget *parent, QString caption, QString prompt, LoginWindow::Mode mode=LoginWindow::FullScreen)
QString password ()
void setCaption (QString text)
void setDb (QSqlDatabase database)
void setPrompt (QString text)
void showErrorMessage (QString text)
QString username ()

Protected Slots

void acceptIt ()
QHash< QString, UserInfo > getUsers ()
void hideError ()
void showAdminPhoto ()
void updateUserPhoto (const QString &)

Private Attributes

QPushButton * btnOk
QSqlDatabase db
QLineEdit * editPassword
QVBoxLayout * editsLayout
QLineEdit * editUsername
QHBoxLayout * errorLayout
QLabel * imageError
QLabel * labelCaption
QLabel * labelError
QLabel * labelPassword
QLabel * labelPrompt
QLabel * labelUsername
QLabel * mainImage
QHBoxLayout * middleLayout
QHBoxLayout * passLayout
QSpacerItem * spacerItemBottom
QSpacerItem * spacerItemTop
QHash< QString, UserInfo > uHash
QHBoxLayout * userLayout
QVBoxLayout * vLayout

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