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void lemonView::deleteSelectedItem (  )  [private, slot]

Slot used to delete the current item.

Definition at line 939 of file lemonview.cpp.

References LoginWindow::clearLines(), and refreshTotalLabel().

  bool continueIt=false;
  bool reinsert = false;
  double qty=0;
  if (ui_mainview.tableWidget->currentRow()!=-1 && ui_mainview.tableWidget->selectedItems().count()>4) {
    if (Settings::requiereDelAuth()) {
      if ( dlgPassword->exec() ) continueIt=true;
    }//if requiereDelAuth
    else continueIt=true; //if no authreq, so continue deleting..

    if (continueIt) {
      int row = ui_mainview.tableWidget->currentRow();
      QTableWidgetItem *item = ui_mainview.tableWidget->item(row, colCode);
      qulonglong code = item->data(Qt::DisplayRole).toULongLong();
      ProductInfo info = productsHash.take(code); //insert it later...
      qty = info.qtyOnList; //this must be the same as obtaining from the table... this arrived on Dec 18 2007
     //if the itemQty is more than 1, decrement it, if its 1, delete it
     //item = ui_mainview.tableWidget->item(row, colDisc);
     //double discount_old = item->data(Qt::DisplayRole).toDouble();
      item = ui_mainview.tableWidget->item(row, colUnits);//get item Units in strings...
      QString iUnitString = item->data(Qt::DisplayRole).toString();
      item = ui_mainview.tableWidget->item(row, colQty); //get Qty
      if ((item->data(Qt::DisplayRole).canConvert(QVariant::Double))) {
        qty = item->data(Qt::DisplayRole).toDouble();
       //NOTE and FIXME:
       //  Here, we are going to delete only items that are bigger than 1. and remove them one by one..
       //  or are we goint to decrement items only sold by pieces?
       // How to identify a unit?.. item_Units is a string...but units in enum is integer.
        if (qty>1 && info.units==uPiece) {
          item->setData(Qt::EditRole, QVariant(qty));
          double price    = info.price;
          double discountperitem = info.disc;
          double newdiscount = discountperitem*qty;
          item = ui_mainview.tableWidget->item(row, colDue);
          item->setData(Qt::EditRole, QVariant((qty*price)-newdiscount));
          item = ui_mainview.tableWidget->item(row, colDisc);
          item->setData(Qt::EditRole, QVariant(newdiscount));
          info.qtyOnList = qty;
          reinsert = true;
        }//if qty>1
        else { //Remove from the productsHash and tableWidget...
         //get item code
          //int removed = productsHash.remove(code);
          reinsert = false;
        }//qty = 1...
      }//if canConvert
      if (reinsert) productsHash.insert(code, info); //we remove it with .take...
  }//there is something to delete..

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